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Waking up that morning, Gilbert wondered if he was still dreaming. He woke up before she did, at the crack of dawn, like always. It was an unbreakable habit from his soldier days. For once, though, he didn't mind being up early. This time, the girl he loved was wrapped around him like a blanket. Resting her head on his chest, she was finally breathing easy after a night of tears.

Speaking of which, Ivan had never came back that night. A few hours after they had arrived, she had received a call from the hospital, confirming her worst fears. The tears really started pouring like a waterfall, then.

And while Gilbert was remarkably more sober than before (the cold air might have helped on the walk home), he still couldn't really think straight. He may have kissed her here or there, but he couldn't really remember, and she was so ridden with grief, he doubted that she noticed too. Which is awesome…sort of.

It would be more awesome if he could just kiss her, and you know, they'd both…be aware.

Ugh, he really couldn't think like this. It made him feel like a sissy, like that pansy Austria. No, no, he was awesome.  He was not some girly, piano-playing, spineless, sissy-boy! Heck, if he wanted to, he could totally make ___ love him. It'd be easy, a no-brainer. After all, who wouldn't love the awesome him?

"Gilbert?" Her soft, sleepy voice made his heart jumpstart. A red tint worked its way up to his cheeks, which is so not awesome, by the way. She met his ruby eyes, and then smiled softly. "Good morning."

"G-Guten Morgan," He didn't stutter. Nope, you must be hearing things.

She moved away from him, instantly making him ten times colder than before. "How'd you sleep?" She asked, sitting beside him instead.

"Ah, awesome." He answered, "Always do when I'm drunk."

"Does your head hurt at all?" She asked, while rubbing the sleepies out of her eyes.

Gilbert snorted. "Please, I'm awesome. Hangovers are for losers." Actually, his head did hurt. A lot, actually. But he wasn't going to miss an opportunity to impress her with his awesomeness!

Raising an eyebrow, she silently doubted him. "Mmhmm," She hummed, stretching as she got out of bed. "Sure. Come on, let me make you my famous Hangover Killer." And to answer his question before he asked, she continued, "I've had enough all-night drinking contests with you to know when a hangover is bothering you. Your left eye twitches a little bit, actually." She laughed rather hard when he slapped his hand over his left eye, and then immediately began groaning in pain.

Not bothering to fight with her any longer, he got up and followed, dimming all of the lights they had left on along the way.

"Geez, you're acting like a vampire. Must've been pretty trashed, then." She reasoned, leading him to her kitchen. "Here, sit at the table and I'll get your Hangover Killer ready." He did as told, sitting down at the wooden table.  

"Danke…" He mumbled, glancing over at her repeatedly. She…seemed normal, but what about all of those tears from yesterday?

"I'm fine, Gilbert." She spoke softly, as she busied herself in the kitchen. How was she always able to tell what he was thinking? It freaked him out sometimes. "Well, you know, as fine as I could be, all things considered." She continued, chopping what seemed to be… onions? What kind of recipe was she making?

"But I really appreciate you staying with me last night," This part came out very softly; he had to strain to hear. "It helped more than you realize, I think."

"You should consider yourself privileged. So many people wish they could spend the night in my arms." Gilbert boasted with a smirk, falling back into his chair.

She rolled her eyes, but smiled nonetheless as she continued making her Hangover Killer.

----------this is a line. It likes you.----------

Breakfast was rather silent. Gilbert was still recovering from his hangover, and ____ seemed distracted.

"Hey, Gil." Gilbert looked up, only to meet those hesitant eyes once more. "Um, I think, right now, I kind of need to stay around familiarity. And you're the most familiar thing in my life… So, if you want, if you wouldn't mind, would you maybe want to stay with me for a little while?"

Once she saw Gilbert's shocked face, she instantly began backtracking. "No! No, forget that. That's just weird, you're right. I mean, we're friends, but I couldn't expect you to do something like that. It would be strange, and weird and-"

He stopped her with a bonk on the head. "Idiot!" He scolded, "Of course the Awesome Me will stay with you. All I require is free beer and snacks, and full and unbridled control of the television remote. Deal?"

She contemplated this. "How about, I'll buy a case of beer a week, you can eat whatever's in the fridge, and we'll agree on what to watch when we're together?"

"Deal!" Heck, that was already way better than being at West's place!

She smiled, and Gilbert saw the grief in them she was obviously trying so hard to hide. "Thanks, Gil. I really appreciate it. And just so you know, I'm not talking permanent. Just a few weeks for me to get back on my feet…"

"I'm so awesome, aren't I? Doing something so awesome for a little girl like you… I think I should be rewarded." He finished with his classic mischievous grin.

She rolled her eyes. "I told you not to call me a 'little girl'. And what do you want?" Her voice was laced with exhaustion and sadness. He didn't like it, but he knew it wouldn't disappear right away. Like when his grandpa died, Old Man Fritz, he remembered being depressed for weeks, months.  So the least he could do for her is to do the things he wished people would have done for him.

And the first thing was getting hammered drunk.

"I want to go to a bar, and drinks on you!" Haha, of course she'd love this idea. Beer made everything better. Man, he was just one step closer to winning her heart…

She sighed – a reaction he was not expecting. "Gilbert, it's ten in the morning. How can you think about drinking this early?" She eyed him warily. "I hope you haven't become dependent on it…"

"Beer is great no matter what time!" He retorted, "But I guess a sissy girl like you wouldn't understand." Shrugging his shoulders, he began to walk away to the living room. One, two…

"Hey, hey, wait a minute."


Ha, he's so awesome.

"Yes, little girl?" He emphasized, smirking conceitedly as she began to stew.

"Going out drinking at ten in the morning has nothing to do with being tough, it's called alcoholism." Her forehead wrinkled with worry lines. "Gilbert, you haven't been… have you?"

He snorted. "Please, I'm awesome. Beer is also awesome. Therefore, we are the perfect awesome combination. And unlike you, I can hold my liquor."

"I thought you had a hangover." She pointed out.

Rolling his eyes, he crossed his arms against his chest. What was her problem? He was trying to do something awesome for her! (And it worked out for his benefit too, but that was just side-perks.) "You don't." He also pointed out, taking pride in himself for thinking of a comeback. "And I don't have a hangover," He added as an afterthought.

She stared at him for a minute, before a smile curled her lips. Gilbert stared at her warily, not sure what to make of this change of expression.

"Gilbert, you know what I'd love to do today?" Her voice was innocent, too innocent. Gilbert wasn't sure if he liked it.


"I'd like to stay at home, and watch movies with you, and maybe whoop your butt in some video games. And then maybe later, we can walk our small town together."

You know what that sounded like to Gilbert?

A date.

HOLY CRAP. A date! She was asking him on a date! Well, it was weird considering her psycho husband died the other day, but still!

Okay, okay, now he had to channel all of his inner awesomeness into this answer.


Nailed it.

Yay, another chapter up! I'm hoping I can finish with one or two more.

This is obviously a very silly reader-insert. lol If your husband died, I highly doubt you would be laughing the next day, but hey, I guess this reader has a thing about concealing their emotions...

And Prussia, well, he's good at being distracting, so I guess it's a win-win. ;)

Thanks for reading!

Reviews are loved!

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Yes,Gil, you did nail it........ Have a cookie! *jams cookie in Gilbert's mouth*
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DAT ENDING.XD (Everyone's talking about it, I know)
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Okay, okay, now he had to channel all of his inner awesomeness into this answer. 


Nailed it

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Okay, okay, now he had to channel all of his inner awesomeness into this answer. 


Nailed it.

The awesomeness in that answer is over 9000. :iconepicclapplz:
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It's such a sweet story so far as well as funny due to Prussian humor ^^
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Need I say more? 83

Is there a continuation? *sorry!*
yeloweminems Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I sometimes don't like stories where the narrator isn't you, but I really love them if they get it right, and the way you wrote prussia is just so perfectly...prussia :D i can't really describe it any other way. Loved the story!
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Nailed it! Oh Gilbert if he's never thought that, I don't know who he even is....
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This was cute~You know. Except for you cracking Russia's skull open. But it's cute~
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can't wait for the next! *o*
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And of course I was married to Mother/Father Russia. :lol:
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I like how this is going so far . I like how the reader is trying to be normal but is still vary sad. I think I want to distract myself with movies, video games!! I have a close friend by my side !! I think you wort the emotion well. I felt sad, happy , mad, sad. When some of my relatives dies a long time ago . I flipped though emotion left, right . during that time !! Great work !!! Please keep it up !!
One-Without-a-Name Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That was fun! I liked how you wrote it!
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